Goldsworth Park Community Association

GOLDSWORTH PARK is defined as the area bounded by Robin Hood Road, St. John’s Road, Goldsworth Road, Bridge Barn Lane, Well Lane, Bullbeggers Lane, Horsell Birch and Littlewick Road and all the residents of this area are, de facto, members of the GPCA, regardless of their gender, ethnic origin, political, religious or other opinion.  No application forms are required and the GPCA does not charge membership fees although it reserves the right to do so.

The GPCA works with local authorities, police and other voluntary organisations and individuals to promote the interests of residents and to improve the conditions of their lives.  By and large, this involves representing the views of residents to Woking Borough Council, Surrey County Council, the managing agents of the shopping centre and any other organisation that may have an impact on Goldsworth Park.  The GPCA used to organise a number of social events but, as they declined in popularity, the Association turned its energies to coordinating campaigns of public interest.  For example, it monitors and responds to planning applications of concern to residents.

The GPCA’s main areas of activity are:-

  •          Developing and managing this website and associated social media to provide up-to-date information to residents.
  •          Publishing and distributing Goldsworth News, the community magazine which is delivered to around 4,500 homes and is available in local shops, the pub, doctors and dentists surgeries.  In 2019 the magazine will be published quarterly.
  •         Supporting the Lake Bank Restoration Project which has done so much to improve the environment and provide a safe habitat for the wildlife of Goldsworth Park.



The Lake

In order to keep bureaucracy to a minimum, the Association has a small Executive Committee consisting of a Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Secretary.  However, many volunteers are busily involved in the magazine, the lake and various campaigns and activities without holding any formal position.

Recent activities have included campaigning for the replacement of the public toilet in the recreation ground, communicating with the managing agents of the shopping centre about the updating of the play-frame, working with residents who have problems with the maintenance of common areas, and replacing the street maps on the outskirts of Goldsworth Park.  There is always something that needs sorting out!

Swans on the lake

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