Lake facts


The lake was created as part of the Goldsworth Park housing development which began in 1973. It covers an area of some 60,000 square metres [nearly 15 acres] with depths of up to 4 metres [13 feet] and contains approximately 164 million litres [36 million gallons] of water.  The perimeter path is about 1.25 kilometres [just over ¾ mile] in length.


Owned by Thames Water, the lake is a balancing pond, designed to prevent flooding by taking in the runoff from the surrounding residential area during heavy rainfall through the three large concrete inlet pipes and storing it until it is safe to release the water into the river system. The water level is controlled automatically by an underground weir and pump.  The lake and the banks up to the path are leased to Woking Borough Council for recreational use.


Since its creation, the lake has become home to an abundance of wildlife, including 13 species of fish and a growing number of species of water birds. It is an oasis in the centre of the housing estate, a haven for visitors, both human and animal.




Sunset over the lake by Dawn Wheeler
Sunset over the lake by Dawn Wheeler


To enable all to enjoy the Lake please
  • keep dogs under control, out of the water and preferably on a lead
  • use the rubbish and dog waste bins provided
  • do not paddle or swim in the lake
  • do not use a boat or sailboard or sail a model boat without permission
  • treat other lake and footpath users with respect -pedestrians and cyclists should share the path responsibly
  • read the angling rules before fishing