The Goldsworth Park Community Association (GPCA) recognises that everyone has a contribution to make to society and a right to fair and equal treatment.  The Trustees aim to ensure that no volunteer, job applicant, trustee/committee member, individual or organisation to whom services or facilities are provided will be discriminated against on any unfair grounds whatsoever, including gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, nationality, race or political, religious or other opinions.


The GPCA is committed to:

  • addressing positively opportunities for full participation within the organisation;
  • Ÿadopting an effective system to monitor its practice with regard to ensuring equality of opportunity;
  • Ÿpromoting good practice with regard to equality of opportunity for individuals and organisations involved in the work of the GPCA.

In particular, the GPCA will:

  • ŸWork to ensure that all its services are provided in a way which promotes awareness of the rights and needs of people from minority groups and enables all people to have access to those services;
  • ŸWork to ensure that all its terms and conditions of employment and volunteering reflect a range of needs and interests which encompass people who may otherwise be disadvantaged.

Recruitment and selection practices

The GPCA’s policy is to ensure that no person receives less favourable consideration than others in the selection and appointment of staff or in the recruitment of volunteers. To ensure equality of opportunity for all applicants for paid and unpaid positions, the GPCA will ensure that:

  • Recruitment processes are not open to discrimination;
  • ŸWhen recruiting, the Trustees will develop personnel specifications which focus on the relevant experience or qualifications;
  • ŸAcceptance of the GPCA’s Equal Opportunities Policy is a condition of employment.

Service provision

The Trustees will take positive action to ensure the GPCA’s services to, and contacts with, individuals and other organisations reflect this Equal Opportunities Policy.  This will be effected by:

  • ŸEnsuring that all individuals who represent the GPCA are aware of, understand and operate this Equal Opportunities Policy;
  • ŸConsulting with individuals and groups with special requirements to identify how the GPCA’s services may be improved to meet their needs.

Employer’s responsibilities

The Trustees:

  • ŸAre responsible for implementing and monitoring of this Equal Opportunities Policy;
  • ŸWill ensure that all individuals within the organisation, whether paid or unpaid, clearly understand and practise the principles contained in this Policy;
  • ŸWill not victimise anyone who has provided information about discrimination;
  • ŸWill take positive action against unfair discrimination where this has been established.

Employee’s / Users responsibilities

All employees of the GPCA, its contractors and users of its services:

  • ŸWill be required to co-operate with measures introduced by the Trustees to ensure and promote equal opportunities;
  • ŸWill neither practice any form of discrimination nor use discriminatory language;
  • ŸWill draw to the attention of the Trustees any suspected acts of discrimination;
  • ŸWill not victimise anyone who has provided information about discrimination.

Raising a complaint

A volunteer or employee who feels that they have been subject to unfair discrimination may use the Grievance Procedure to seek a redress;

A Service User who feels that they have been subject to unfair discrimination may use the Complaints Procedure to seek a remedy.