Keep your dog on a lead round Goldsworth Park Lake

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The information and by-law signs state that, where signposted, dogs must be kept on leads. Signs have been put up informing dog walkers that their dogs must be kept on leads around and within 25m of the lake. This is to ensure that dog excrement is picked up, to protect wildlife, to reduce the nuisance to other visitors and anglers, and to protect dogs from the potential risk of infection from and injury in the lake.

Contact Tom Onions, Animal Warden on 01483 743652 or email

  1. Ann Bowden (Mrs)

    Dear Mr Onions
    Whilst walking around D
    Goldsworth Lake this morning around 8am, I encountered a red cocker spaniel running out of control and not on a lead on the main pathway. The dog was accompanied by a man to whom I quietly said “Control it” – the dog had run right in front of me and I had to take steps to avoid stumbling. (I’m a shade under 70.)
    The man was verbally aggressive in his response and also shouted at me.
    As there was no-one else in sight, I elected to walk on and ignore the aggression. I did, however, feel unsafe.
    So, for the first time ever I feel it appropriate to signal antisocial behaviour.
    Should it happen again, and others are around, I will photograph the man and his dog.

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