Are you registered to vote?

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Households across the Borough will soon receive their Household Enquiry Form asking them to check whether the information that appears on the Electoral Register matches the details of those living at that address as part of Woking’s annual voter registration canvass.

The purpose of the annual canvass is to ensure that the Electoral Register is up-to-date and to identify any residents who are not yet registered. The annual canvass is an opportunity for residents to make sure that when forthcoming elections or referendums take place, they are registered to participate and don’t lose their right to vote.

To confirm details are correct, please visit Households will need to enter their security code, located at the bottom of the Household Enquiry Form, when confirming their details online.

For households that do not have access to the internet, residents can confirm their details are correct by phone, text or post. Full details are contained within the Household Enquiry Form.

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