Knock, knock… annual canvassers are out and about

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Knock, knock… annual canvassers are out and about

Households who have yet to complete and return their Household Enquiry Form can expect a knock on the door over the next few weeks, as canvassers will be reminding residents to fill in and send back their forms, as part of this year’s annual voter registration canvass.

The form asks for the details of everyone over the age of 16 living within each household. Residents are required by law to complete and return the form, otherwise they could lose their right to vote and face a fine of up to £1,000. So far nearly 70% of the Borough has responded.

Canvassers will now be visiting every non-responding household over the next few weeks to ensure all forms are completed and returned. The deadline for the Council to receive forms is 22 November 2016.

What do households need to do?

Households need to check their details carefully. If nothing has changed, they can confirm their details online, by phone or text message. Households should refer to their Household Enquiry Form to find the relevant contact details and their unique reference code.

New household details can be added online. Alternatively, the form can be updated with the names and nationalities of individuals eligible to vote at the property, signed and returned to Woking Borough Council.

New electors must also register individually either online at or by filling in and returning an Invitation to Register before their registration is complete.

Even if households have registered individually online, they will still need to complete and return their Household Enquiry Form for their property.

Ray Morgan, Woking Borough Councils Chief Executive and Electoral Registration Officer, said: Voting gives you a say on important issues that affect you and who will represent your views which shape the future of the Council.

I would encourage residents to check their forms and either return by post, or use the online and telephone services to respond, rather than run the risk of not being eligible to vote next year. It couldnt be easier and should only take around five minutes.

For more information about registering to vote, please contact Electoral Services on 01483 755855, email or visit


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