Planning applications at the shopping centre and the enlargement of Sythwood School

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There are a couple of planning matters that I would like to bring to your attention.


Both of the applications can be viewed on the Woking Borough Council website under Planning and Regulation.  If you have any difficulty in accessing the plans, contact me and I will try to help.


PLAN/2015/1441 – is an application from the owners of the Goldsworth Park shopping centre site to build two three-bedroom houses on the small piece of land behind Waitrose.  Currently, this site is not allocated for housing and the group of trees on the land is covered by a Tree Preservation Order.  The closing date for comment is 1st February 2016.  The GPCA will be objecting to this application which would result in the removal of some of the few trees in Goldsworth Park, would add to the density of building in an already dense area of development and could result in problems with deliveries and parking.


PLAN/2015/1330 – is an application from Waitrose to install outdoor seating and new advertising banners in the courtyard at the shopping centre.  The seating is proposed to go under the canopy and the banners between the pillars holding up the roof.  The closing date for comments was 6th January and the GPCA objected to the application on the grounds that, in conjunction with the earlier planning consent for outdoor seating for the imminent Costa Coffee Shop and the new play equipment in the courtyard (Plan 2015/00020), Waitrose’s proposals would severely hinder movement along the walkway, particularly for wheelchair users and parents/carers with pushchairs, and adversely affect access to the other shops.


There is one further matter that I would like to bring to your attention.  Sythwood School is being enlarged to provide places for the increasing number of children in the community.  Whilst we are happy that the school is growing to meet this demand, we wish to know what is being done to deal with the problems caused by the increasing number of cars dropping children off and picking them up again later.  Those of us who live nearby and everyone who uses Sythwood in the morning and afternoon will be aware of the real problems caused by the congestion and inconsiderate parking.  With more teachers wanting to park and more children to be dropped off and picked up, these problems will only get worse.  There will be a New Build Drop-in Question and Answer Session on Thursday, 28th January from 3.00pm to 6.00pm at which I intend to raise the question of parking provision.


Irene Watson

Chair, GPCA

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