Council to consult on Martyrs Lane site

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The suitability of land to the east of Martyrs Lane as an alternative ‘safeguarded’ site for removal from the Green Belt to meet future development needs between 2027 and 2040 will be the subject of a public consultation following a decision by Council at its meeting on Thursday 20 October 2016.

It was agreed by Council that land to the east of Martyrs Lane be published for consultation to give the public the opportunity to express their views on the suitability of this site as an alternative to the six safeguarded sites set out in the Borough’s draft Site Allocations Development Plan Document (DPD).

The outcome of this consultation will inform the Council’s decision on the preferred site(s) to be safeguarded in the next version of the Site Allocations DPD, which will be formally published for consultation in later next year.

Cllr Ashley Bowes, Portfolio Holder for Planning Services and Chairman of the Local Development Framework (LDF) Working Group, said: “After thorough debate in the Council Chamber, I am pleased that Council has agreed to consult members of the public on an alternative ‘safeguarded’ site for future development.

“By offering residents an alternative strategy, it leaves all reasonable options open to Council to make the right decision for the Borough’s future, whilst ensuring confidence in the process.

“This decision demonstrates that where concerns are raised by the public, which are justified on the evidence, the Council will listen and proactively present an alternative to the public for their view.”

During summer 2015, the Council conducted an initial consultation on its Site Allocation proposals, which attracted 32,712 separate responses from 1,692 individuals and organisations, many of which concerned the proposed ‘safeguarded’ sites. These responses were reported to the Local Development Framework (LDF) Working Group, the cross-party panel appointed by Woking Borough Council to consider and make recommendations to Council.

The public consultation specifically on the Martyrs Lane site will commence early in 2017. The outcome of the consultation will be discussed at a future Council meeting before a final decision on the Borough’s ‘safeguarded’ sites is made.

Further information
Initial ‘Safeguarded’ Green Belt sites identified in the draft Site Allocations DPD (June 2015) for residential development within the Borough between 2027 and 2040.

  • South of High Road, Byfleet
  • South of Murray’s Lane, Byfleet
  • Land to the north east of Saunders Lane, between Saunders Lane and Hook Hill Lane
  • Land to the north west of Saunders Lane, Mayford
  • Rear of 79-95 Lovelace Drive, Teggs Lane, Pyrford
  • East of Upshot Lane and south of Aviary Road, Pyrford

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